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About The Cyber Desk

Our mission, our clients and a bit about the team.

Our Mission

It's simple. To provide valuable website analysis data completely free of charge to make website creation and maintenance accessible to everyone.

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With concerns over website security growing rapidly, we have seen a surge in reports of hacked websites. This is detrimental to business owners. No organisation, business or project should be a victim of a cyber attack. We aim to provide key security findings to anyone who needs them, with an affordable service for us to manage it all for you.


It's a competitive world and there's a lot that you need to do to get to the top. Our free SEO scanner gives all businesses a strong understanding of what is required to get to the top of the tree, regardless of experience. The insightful reports are something which we are proud to offer for free.


Without fast website performance, you risk losing your traffic. That's something which you certainly don't want to have. Developers can spend years working on new ways to speed up your site by 0.01ms, but that difference means nothing if your website is already taking over a second to load. Our performance scanner will give you the information needed to bring those load times down.


Our scanners may not be the legal advice which you can get from lawyers, however our compliance scanner can highlight potential breaches of the major compliance regulations. Non compliant websites and business may run into issues down the road if the basics have not been resolved. We hope this scanner will help businesses and organisations implement measures to ensure compliance to help with the ongoing data protection worries.

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Some of our clients

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