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Penetration Testing

Deploy a team of penetration testers to uncover weaknesses in your website.

Penetration Testing

Delivering a thorough and comprehensive penetration test, conducted by our brightest minds. Take the right steps forward into protecting one of your most important assets, your website.


We start with doing some recon around your website. Looking for information and discovering your surface area. We'll get a full picture of your website and it's architecture.


We'll use the information discovered in our reconnaissance phase to run inhouse scans against the target. We aim to identify vulnerabilities, access methods and information leading to further vulnerability discovery.


Once the vulnerabilities have been identified, we'll prove our findings by launching safe and concise attacks against the target. All of our tests are simply to prove the vulnerability, not cause any harm..


At this stage, we would have gathered a lot of information and evidence of successful attacks. We'll compile all of this into a comprehensive report, detailing the vulnerabilities found and how they can be mitigated.

Ongoing Support

We won't just send a report and leave you to your own devices, we'll be on hand to support the implementation of these security measures. Whether you're after advice, support or have any concerns with a security implementation, we'll be around to help.

Follow Up

It's really important that any security issues found are corrected, and we know that sometimes other things can jump the queue. We'll aim to follow up in the next few months to offer a helping hand. We're looking to be your security partner, and we'll act that way too.


Please contact us for a quote. The price of the penetration test does vary depending on the size and scope of your website. Most penetration tests that we do fall between £1000 and £5000

Penetration Test

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