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What is The Cyber Desk?

The Cyber Desk is an application development studio, specilising in Cyber Security, Data Scraping, Integrated Data and API Interaction.
We build sophisticated software that enables individuals and businesses to overcome common problems and to provide innovative solutions to their audience. We began as an online consultancy for web application security, and now we provide solutions for some of the biggest names over multiple industries.
With a combination of strategic partnerships and a diverse set of solutions, we find ourselves well planted as a valuable asset for users.

What We Do

Application Development

We're a team of developers and we're constantly building new applications to solve problems or to create something truly sophisticated it blows everything else out of the water.

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Cyber Security

We may be an application development studio, but from the start we've also been a professional Cyber Security agency, specilising in Web Application Security. We act as the hands on security team every website owner needs. We provide proactive and supportive services to bolster the security of every website we look after. We've prevented thousands of attacks, and revived websites that had fallen to some of the most damaging and complex exploits currently used by malicious actors.

Web Scraping

The world is still getting to grips with the immense amount of data stored on the web. Unfortunately, most of this data is not in the most usable state. We build systems that can scrape data from millions of domains and billions of pages from all over the web, turning unusable information into actionable and valuable data. Some of the worlds' most powerful and profitable applications are built on information gathering. We make this incredibly simple.

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Integrated Data Solutions

We combine the power of multiple single applications to create a cluster of applications working in parallel to get more done. We work with software creators to build ways their software can get more exposure through integrating with the right vendors. If there isn't already a data solution available to solve a problem, we usually build one ourselves.

API Interaction

We love a great API, and we build solutions that interact with some of the most useful APIs around. Our platforms centralise the power of APIs into one place, a single valuable source. If you have built your own API, we'd love to have a chat about what we can do! Let's disrupt some markets together.

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Our Partners

Cybrancee Website Hosting
Cybrancee Webiste Hosting Logo
Cybrancee Website Hosting provides a premium service at an affordable price. Rapid speeds, feature rich panel and a world class support team give Cybrancee an edge on other website hosting agencies out there. You can be sure you're getting the best service with Cybrancee. Whether you want to get started on their Starter package or upgrade to their unbeatable Expansion package, they will cater for your needs.

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Vibrancee Website Design
Vibrancee Website Development Logo
Vibrancee make it their mission to provide effective business web development at an affordable price point. Their team consists of highly qualified individuals proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With websites and digital media being a vital part of the sales funnel and marketing experience, it's vital they're fast and engaging.

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HaveIBeenPwned Logo
We have integrated our website security scanning software with the popular HaveIBeenPwned service. We check for any email addresses on your website, and then put them through the HaveIBeenPwned service to see if there's been any logged data breaches containing that email address.

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