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Website SEO Scanner

A sophistic and powerful SEO empowering machine without the price tag.

Achieve higher search engine rankings and get a grip of your SEO strategy.

This is the tool for you if you're needing some direction on how to boost your SEO. Matching the thoroughness of Semrush whilst keeping simplicity as king. Rise to the top of search results and feel unstoppable.

Website SEO

Identifying problems with your websites code is a key part of building a solid SEO foundation. We'll detect bugs and culprits which are holding your website back from achieving better SEO.

Meta Data Management

Your website visitors will see your meta data first. It's imperative you make a good first impression and grip your visitors attention. Meta is critical for search engines to understand your website, we'll help you get it right.

SEO Configuration Checks

We'll empower you with the knowledge you need to configure your web server to have great SEO. It's surprisingly simple and quick to do.

Integrated Features

Our software is integrated with many great products, offered by prestigious vendors. Harness the power of many tools in a single place, providing more SEO coverage without added complexity.

Connect & Upgrade

Connect your website to our software with a simple HTML snippet to unlock enhanced SEO features, such as scheduled scans, free API credits and additional scanning tools.

Save For Later

Having an account with us, enables the ability to save your scan results for later. You can refer back to your previous scans whenever you like, or compare your website to how it was a year ago.


The Cyber Desk SEO Scanner is Free-To-Use. You can create an account with just an email address and access a wide selection of features. You can use the software without creating an account, however many great features are disabled.

SEO Scanner


  • Unlimited scans against your website
  • Save your results for later
  • Unlock advanced integrations and extra features
  • Receive perks for our other products and partners

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