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Website Performance Scanner

Keep your website running fast and smoothly by staying up to date on the latest performance improvements.

Take your website for a digital MOT and find defects resulting in slower loading times.

Long loading times will cost you customers and visitors. You'll also get punished by search engines due to a high bounce rate. Keep your website running fast by implementing remedies for performance eating bugs.

Webpage Performance

Our scanner is built to identify culprits for longer loading times. You'll be surprised at what can make your website run slower, whether it be large images in a format disliked by devices, or maybe its excessive comments on a page.

Protect The Planet

Websites produce an incredible amount of emissions, and your website is contributing to that problem. Every time someone visits your website, a lot of systems are running to load it quickly. By making your website more performant, you'll reduce your emissions.

Compare To Your Competitors

See how your competitors are handling their performance and see what you need to do to beat them. A faster website = more conversions.

*this feature is not yet available and is currently in development.

Integrated Features

Our software is integrated with many great products, offered by prestigious vendors. Harness the power of many tools in a single place, providing more performance coverage without added complexity.

Connect & Upgrade

Connect your website to our software with a simple HTML snippet to unlock enhanced performance features, such as scheduled scans, free API credits and additional scanning tools.

Save For Later

Having an account with us, enables the ability to save your scan results for later. You can refer back to your previous scans whenever you like, or compare your website to how it was a year ago.


The Cyber Desk Performance Scanner is Free-To-Use. You can create an account with just an email address and access a wide selection of features. You can use the software without creating an account, however many great features are disabled.

Performance Scanner


  • Unlimited scans against your website
  • Save your results for later
  • Unlock advanced integrations and extra features
  • Receive perks for our other products and partners

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