Partnership Policy

Our partnership programme is a risk free way of earning more money for your business.
Please read the policy to make sure that this is the right approach for you.

Please read carefully


Last updated on 22th March 2020

Definition: The Cyber Desk Ltd (“us”, “we”, “our”)

Our partnership programme is a method of allowing you to sell products and services provided / developed by The Cyber Desk Ltd. The programme is designed to give you the opportunity to resell our services and products with no up-front costs, this is to make it as risk free as possible and easy to get started. However, there are some terms and conditions which you need to adhere to before getting started. These will be broken down into sections as each service will have its own T&Cs.



Before you can get started with our programme , there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Letting us know. You will need to let us know that you want to partner with The Cyber Desk Ltd before you can benefit from our programme . You can do this by emailing or filling out our web form.
  2. You must have a privacy policy which includes the fact that The Cyber Desk Ltd is involved in your business activity. It needs to be clear that personal data will be stored with The Cyber Desk Ltd as the software is supplied by us. You should also put a link in your privacy policy to our privacy policy ( )
  3. You must have the knowledge and the ability to use our software and resell it. i.e You need to be able to understand what “website hosting” is and how to support platforms such as WordPress. This is because you will be the one to support the client with the service. The Cyber Desk Ltd will be able to support you, however it is strongly recommended that you learn the platforms before selling them.
  4. You must be able to pay The Cyber Desk Ltd following a successful sale of one of our services. We accept payment either through direct bank transfer or via PayPal. These payments must be on time, or you risk losing access to our partnership program. You will always be notified when the next bill is due.

If you are unable to meet all of the above, don’t worry, we can help you understand our platform and help get your privacy policy updated.


Getting started:

Getting started with becoming a partner is super simple, first things first, you will need a place to advertise our services. Good advertising spaces are but not limited to: Websites, social media, online forums such as Reddit, online community platforms such as Discord. Once you have got somewhere to showcase and advertise, you will need to decide which service to sell. You can sell as many services as you like as long as the service you are selling is disclosed within this policy.

Currently, partners of The Cyber Desk Ltd can only resell the below services:

  • Website Hosting

The list of services available to resell will grow over time. All partners will be emailed if a new service becomes available to resell.

Once you have decided on the service you wish to resell, it is important that you let us know which service you will be advertising and also where and how you will be advertising the service. Once we have received the information, we will examine the platform which you are going to promote our service on. In order for this phase to be passed, the advertising space must comply to the following:

  • There must be no illegal or harassing content on the same advertising space as where you will advertise our services
  • Your brand must be “Safe for Work” and have no illegal, rude or harassing content
  • The content on your website must not be copied from anywhere, including content from The Cyber Desk Ltd unless clearly stated otherwise
  • Your website must follow the rules of every service which you are going to resell. These will be listed in the following sections so please read them carefully


Website Hosting

Website hosting is a service provided by The Cyber Desk Ltd where clients can host websites on our servers. The service is a “Managed” style service which means The Cyber Desk Ltd will handle all technical aspects. The client will have access to WordPress or whichever Content Management System they wish to use.

Pricing plan:

Becoming a partner and reselling website hosting is free to get started. You may sell and advertise the hosting at whatever price you wish. How you bill your clients is completely up to you. For every client you gain on our website hosting plan, you will be billed £3 per month. This means you could charge your client £20 per month, and you will still only need to pay The Cyber Desk Ltd £3 per month. That’s £17 a month profit with no upfront expenditure!

Website Hosting is currently a single tiered plan, that means you cannot charge more money for more resource. The package includes:

  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited website visits
  • Free SSL Certificate

Domains are NOT included within this package

What classes as technical aspects:

  • Creation and removal of sub-domains
  • Creation and removal of FTP accounts
  • Creation and removal of MySQL databases
  • Creation and removal of SSL certificates
  • Creation and removal of Email Addresses
  • Technical issues such as server side errors


What happens next?

After you have listed our service and we have approved your advertising space, you are good to start reselling our services. It’s that simple. 

You may continue reselling our service and expanding your potential. 

The Cyber Desk Ltd will be in touch with regular partnership updates via email and will let you know if anything changes. 

Please ensure you read our privacy policy before getting started:

You may cancel your involvement in the Partnership programme at any time. Any outstanding payments will need to be made to The Cyber Desk Ltd before you cancel.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the programme, please get in touch.


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