What Services do we Offer?

At The Cyber Desk, we offer an abundance of different services to ensure that your online presence remains as secure as possible. Our dedicated team will stop at nothing to ensure the best service possible.

Our Services

At The Cyber Desk, we provide a plethora of different services to help your business remain as secure as possible.

WordPress Security Scans

We have two scan options; Simple and Advanced. Depending on your choice, we will scan your website, report on the issues we found, and fix the bugs/security issues. 

Simple: £80

Advanced: £160

SSL Certificate Installation

A completely free and complimentary service which we offer. We will log into your WordPress account and install an SSL Certificate for free!


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WordPress Security Gold

Fancy leaving your WordPress security down to someone else and not having to worry about it? 
This one’s for you. 

For only £999.99 a year, we will scan your website everyday (Except weekends and bank holidays) for security issues. We will handle your WordPress Theme/Plugin updates to ensure our security fixes remain valid. 

You will receive a monthly report on what we have found and changed. 


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