Our Projects

Projects developed by The Cyber Desk Ltd and the Community 

A mulititude of projects for bespoke business needs.

With a community and business thiriving with developers, we run projects for different business and personal needs. Take a look below to see what we have been getting up to!

The Cyber Desk Community

The Cyber Desk Ltd all started with a community forum. Without the community, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The community is one of our largest and most visited project to date.

The All In One Discord Bot

We know how painful it is to have multiple bots in one place. Having different commands, and dealing with downtime shouldn’t be something you have to deal with. Our bot has the same function as most popular bots out there…combined.

The Cyber Desk APPs

With a strong team of developers in both the community and the business, we are developing new applications for all kinds of needs and requirements. We don’t create problems, we solve them. With resource from the community and our business partners, we will continue making small applications for a variety of scenarios for the good of the working world, and the charitable world.

Community Partnership Circle

Within The Cyber Desk Community, we partner with many other fantastic communities to open new doors for us and them. We try and give them boosts and benefits to enable them to grow their community into their dream idea. The Circle is a new project designed to get the most engaged partners into a position where they can work as a union. 


Ever wondered if there was an easy and affordable method to find security bugs? Or even if it were possible to manage them without installing anything? We have, and we solved that problem.

The Cyber Desk Connect

Our new way of generating leads for small companies and startups. We use SEO and digitalisation to connect potential clients to trusted businesses. Giving the businesses involved a chance in this competitive world.

The Cyber Desk Vision

Not everyone knows SQL, and not everyone knows how to use APIs to handle data in databases and objects. We made this easy by providing our clients with an easy to use database management tool. Not only do we do that, but we also give our clients the fastest database servers with security in mind. Don’t lose vision of your data!

The Cyber Desk Awards

Each and every great community has a clearly defined purpose (Or many purposes). Communities like these should thrive and get the most out of the online world. That’s why we created a new “Awards” programme to give the best communities out there the recognition they deserve.

View the hall of fame below

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