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Why Security Matters

A website security blog (2-3 minute read)

Why Security Matters

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What is Website Security?

Website security is a subcategory of the overarching term “Information Security”. Website security is a rapidly growing and evolving challenge that all website owners will face. Instead of the traditional crimes which directly harm people and social life, online criminals cause damage to businesses, websites and devices connected to the internet. There’s a generous financial reward in it for the criminals, and that’s why it’s growing at a worrying rate.

Website security, from a defender's point of view, is the act of patching vulnerabilities that would have allowed an attacker to successfully complete their criminal desires.

Who can stop an attack?

Website security attacks come in many different variants, however I like to split them into 2 high level categories

  • Targeted
  • Not Targeted

A targeted attack is where an attacker picks a website of their choosing and does whatever they can to break into the website and perform their attack. These attacks can last for a long time and can become quite personal, especially if the target has a large viewing audience.

Non targeted attacks usually originate from the vast amount of automated bots on the internet, these bots work by crawling the internet and testing the same attacks on each website they find, when a website is successfully attacked by the bots, the person behind the bots will either take over from there and complete the attack or sell the data to a targeted attacker.

The chances are, if your website has a security vulnerability, you’re going to be on a list somewhere on the deep web waiting for an attacker to pull you out of a hat.

The best defence when it comes to your website security is you, the website owner. Your choices with how you approach the situation is all in your hands. Training and understanding of how these attacks work will allow you to make the right decisions and fend off the malicious cyber criminal world. The software you choose to secure your website, the level of access you give your audience, and the features you add to your website all have underlying effects on your website security.

Why does website security matter?

Not so long ago, we sent out a social media post that contained a scary figure. Every day, approximately 30,000 websites are successfully hacked. It goes to show that it’s not a case of “if my website gets attacked” it’s more a case of “when my website gets attacked”.

Your website holds everything your brand stands for, your content, reputation, information, sometimes even the entire revenue for your business. If your website also holds data of your clients, then it’s even more imperative that you keep your site secure. A data breach can cost you your business.


To summarise, website security is crucial to keeping your business active. A single successful attack can lead to brand damage and hefty financial losses. Our website security scanners will detect these issues with your website and help you be prepared for when it’s your turn.

Approximately 1 websites have been hacked since you started reading this blog

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