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What To Expect From The Cyber Desk

A fully managed service to keep your site safe and secure

What To Expect From The Cyber Desk Security

A service every website needs

Introduction to the service

Website Security is an ongoing battle that requires a lot of attention and focus. The scene changes often and new security issues are found every day. Our website security services take these responsibilities and worries off your shoulders. The team here at The Cyber Desk will ensure that your website gets attention and focus every single day, as well as continuous automated scanning to monitor uptime and newly found vulnerabilities.

We don’t stop there, we’ll migrate your website over to our website hosting partners at Cybrancee and host your website. All included with the service you have paid for.

What does The Cyber Desk do every day?

Each day, our team will run a series of assessments on your website. These assessments differ each day with the aim to detect as many security vulnerabilities as possible. Upon finding a security vulnerability, we will investigate and deploy a fix for that issue. You will have access to our dashboard where you can monitor new vulnerabilities and keep updated with your website’s new security measures.

What makes The Cyber Desk different from other security services?

Most website security agencies rely on their automated systems to find issues. In most cases, these are accurate and can be fixed automatically without any issues. We follow a similar approach, but with the added touch of human interaction. By having a real person involved in testing a website’s security, we are able to detect 43% more security issues than our second biggest competitor and approximately 50% more than our biggest competitor.

We are only just getting started, and have many more new security tests in production.

Not only do we just trust our own technical systems, we also work with a wide range of third parties to further enhance the tooling we make available.


As a website security service provider, we do everything we can for our clients to ensure a smooth customer experience. We find more issues than other providers and don’t just rely on automated tools to carry out our work.

If you have a website, you might as well run our free scanners. If you need any help, we’re just a live chat away!

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