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The Cyber Desk EXON

Your Personal Security Bug Manager

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Instant insight into security bug reports

The Cyber Desk EXON security software wil begin scanning as soon as your website is set up with us. Within seconds you will have access to an ever growing suite of security reports.

We handle all the setting up

Our team will set The Cyber Desk EXON software up for you and will give you detailed instructions for any additional configurations you may require. You'll never need to google anything when it comes to configuring our software.

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It runs in the background 24/7

No need to sit at your computer and stare into your screen, The Cyber Desk EXON runs automatically in the background. So next time you fancy a coffee, you can assured that we are still actively checking your website

Your personal security consultant

Upgrade to The Cyber Desk EXON Plus and have us be your personal security consultant. Receive website security advice and have us fix those security bugs for you.

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Get started for only £4.99 a month