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Become a Partner

Expand your proposition further and offer worldclass security for your clients. Perfect for any online agency dealing with websites!

How Partnerships Should Be

Partnerships work on the basis of mutual benefit. By partnering up with The Cyber Desk, you can upsell your services to include our security service and increase revenue, or include it as part of your proposition. Gain more trust from your clients by showing them the steps you make towards making their website secure. By working with us, you would be getting acess to sell our security software at a heavily discounted price making it an absolute no brainer!

Constant Collabaration

Unlike other partnership schemes who only care about getting their name out there with little input from themselves, we continue to work with you for the entire journey. We will collaborate on what to do next to further improve both of our services we deliver to our clients. Any new products we release, our partners are the first to hear about it!

Make it be known!

Tell your prospects and clients what you are doing to secure their website. Show off to them how good you are compared to your competitors. Make them aware of your ambitions to keep their sites safe. Customers want to receive a stable, safe, secure, and trusted service; give them that confidence!

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